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School Site Council Elections

When: Spring 2023

Where: Online Voting

More information will be shared in the Spring of 2023.


School Site Council


The School Site Council is generally responsible for:

  1. Assessing needs of students and using data to set goals
  2. Gathering information from the school’s English Learners Advisory Committee and other advisory groups on campus
  3. Revising the Single Plan for Student Achievement with budgetary allocations
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of the school plan
  5. Revising the Home‐School Compact and Parent Involvement Guidelines, as needed
  6. Revising School Site Council By‐laws, as needed

2022-23 School Site Council Committee Members

Chris Thompson, Principal

Jeanine Dina, Teacher

Tiya Pecastaing-Gustaveson, Teacher

Kimberly Tomcyzk, Teacher

Jackie Eliopoulos, Office Supervisor

Nicole Johnson, Parent

Kenna Masuda-Welch, Parent

Wendy Saldivar, Parent

                                                Judson Feder, Parent

Elizabeth Curtis, Parent

Vacant, Student Position

Scheduled Meetings for 2022-23






*Please note more meetings may be added.

Call the School Office for more information at (562) 430-1250.