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Board Members

2017-2018 Board Members

E-mail Inquiries:


Mailing Address:

Newcomb Academy Foundation P.O.  Box 8054 Long Beach, CA 90808


Board of Directors:

President – Greg Jones –

Vice President  – Karen Mack -

Secretary – Monsie Gallegos -

Treasurer – Alvaro Castillo & Maria Saeed -


Board Members at Large:

Heather Walker (Marketing Chair)

Howie Fitzgerald (Development Chair)

Heather Peterson (Enrichment Chair)

Jason Leibl (At large)

John Godsil (At large)

Emiko Chapman (At large)

Sally Nosbisch (At large)

Alycia Paul (At large)

Holly Murphy (At large)


Event Chairs:

K-8 Spartan Sprint - Arifa Khursheed & Karen Mack

Golf - Heather Walker / Greg Mack / Jason Leibl