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Newcomb Uniform Policy

Newcomb School Uniform

Uniform Dress Code

Families and staff overwhelmingly agree that our blue and white dress code positively impacts student performance. The dress of students at Newcomb reflects an attitude of self respect and a commitment to the hard work of learning.

1. Solid navy blue pants, shorts, skirts, dresses or jumpers are to be worn. These garments cannot be blue jeans, faded or dyed denim or jean-like cotton twill. Jumpers must be worn with a white collared uniform shirt. Dresses with a collar must be solid navy blue. Sweat pants or warm-up pants are not appropriate. Belts are expected to be worn. The waist of pants, skirts, and shorts should be mid-waist or higher. The length of skirts, jumpers, dresses or shorts should be mid thigh or longer. Pants and shorts should not be rolled up and should not be ripped or torn.

2. White or navy blue shirts or blouses with a collar must be worn. Logos the size of a quarter may be worn. Tops must be tucked in. Only white undershirts are to be worn under collared shirts. Students may wear the powder blue collared shirt with the Newcomb logo, purchased from PTSA.  Newcomb Spirit Shirts may be worn on Fridays only.

3.  A solid navy blue or solid white sweater or sweatshirt (zippered or pullover) is the only acceptable outerwear.  Logos the size of a quarter or smaller may be worn on sweaters or sweatshirts.  Anything made of sweater or sweatshirt material (fleece) must be navy or white regardless of style.  Sweaters or sweatshirts of any color other than navy blue or white are not part of the uniform dress code.  Newcomb spirit sweatshirts may be worn any day. Hooded sweatshirts are to be worn with the hood down.  Flannel shirts are not a part of the accepted dress code.  Students may wear a heavier winter jacket of another color to school, but not in the classroom.  Shoes should be closed toe.  All other district Dress Code regulations are in effect for all students.

4. Shoes should be closed toe. All other district Dress Code regulations are in effect for all students.

5. Blue, green and other unnatural hair colors are not permitted. Hair must be clean and show evidence of having been neatly groomed for school. No distracting haircuts such as Mohawks or faux hawks are allowed.

6. No hats, bandanas or head coverings, other than a headband.

7. Pierced earrings may be worn, but no other pierced jewelry.

If you have uniforms your child has outgrown that are still in good condition, please consider donating them to our uniform loaner program. Donations of clean uniforms will be accepted in the school office.